Silks, Cyr Wheel, Lyra, Trapeze,
& more
Join us
Sunday, July 23rd
from 1-2pm for our
FREE Try-It-Out Day
at Akrosphere
Aerial & Circus Arts!
Space is extremely limited, so sign up today!
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Always wanted to learn the circus arts?
Now you can!  At Akrosphere Aerial & Circus Arts, you will discover a new way to express yourself artistically and creatively in our playful yet motivating environment.

Come experience positive, relaxed, elite-level instruction while connecting with compassionate, caring coaches.

Enjoy all of this while performing alongside new friends as unique as you are.

Whether you are looking for an enjoyable new activity, or you are planning to go career and shoot for Cirque du Soleil, Akrosphere will walk with you through your own personal journey into the amazing world of Circus Arts!

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