Forms for your Cirque Classes are HERE!

Welcome to your Akrosphere cirque classes!  We are excited to begin your journey into the world of the circus arts with you!  

Weekly Classes:  The boxes you checked when registering online for your class were the release form.  If you registered another way (i.e. in person), make sure to download the FULL Release Form below and bring it with you to your first class!

Bring-A-Friend Day:  Make sure to download the GUEST Release Form and bring it with you to your class!  All release forms must be signed by a parent.

Parties & Special Events:  Make sure that EVERY PERSON in attendance downloads the PARTY & EVENTGUEST Release Form and brings it with them to their party or event!  All release forms must be signed by a parent or guardian.  Students who do not bring a signed release form will not be allowed to participate.

Wondering what to expect from the circus arts?  Well, we have the answers!  Our informational handout (called “What You Need to Know”) covers everything from what to wear to what to do before class to what you’ll feel like after class!  Click below for an emailed copy!

aerial silks studio open gym circus arts

“Try out Akrosphere….you’ll be glad you did!”  — Leah; Autumn’s mom.

Meet us and take a tour!

We currently give tours on Saturdays between 10 am – 12 noon.

Email us to let us know when you want to come visit!

390 Winkler Drive
(Inside the Performers Warehouse building)
Alpharetta, GA, 30004